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Pack Include:
Website Itemshop Code + Design
Code to integrate ingame

Payment Methods:
- PayPal Business (Automatic payment for PayPal Business);
- PayPal Donation (Automatic payment, manual adding coins by admin panel [see video 5:25 ] );
- Stripe Card+Google Pay Payment (Automatic payment, automatic coins);
- Revolut Payment Using Link (Automatic payment, manual adding coins [see video 5:25 ] );
- e-Payouts [PaySafe + Fortumo + PayPal + EPayouts gateway ] – (Automatic payment, automatic coins).

User Functions:
- Login;
- QR Code Login;
- Two Factor Authenticator;
- Language selector;
- Can see item details;
- Can see item bonuses;
- Can see item stones;
- Can see game item description;
- Can buy coins with more methods;
- Can be used ingame;
- Icons for categories;

Admin Functions:
- Add categories;
- Add subcategories;
- Add payments;
- Live statistics;
- Add bonus on items;
- Change logo/banner;
- Add news;
- Enable/Disable Shop;
- Add discounts;
- Delete categories/subcategories/items;
- Add limit for item purchase;
- Added PayPal Donation;
- Added PayPal Checkout;
- Added Revolut Payment;
- Added Card Stripe Payment;
- Added Happy Hours;
- Added Item Names Importer;
- Added Itemdesc Importer;
- Added itemlist importer to import correct icon;
- Added Searchbar on admin item list;
- Added page selector on admin item list;
- Added Favicon Changer;
- Added Category Icon Selector;
- Added Alerts;
- Added Mail Notifications;
- Added More Logs;
- Added Items to item_award;
- Added Google Recaptcha -buy item;
- Added CKEditor Description;
- Auto import itemdesc description on create item tab;
- Added TGA Uploader for icons.
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